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Glenroy Browne:
Head Instructor / Coach

Glenroy Browne holds black belts in Taekwondo and Jiu Jitsu and and has trained extensively in many other styles like Boxing, Wrestling and Thai-Boxing and has some training in Aikido and JKD.

He has competed in boxing, sport karate, taekwondo, Jiu Jitsu and wrestling. He has been a bouncer, security and body guard for many years and has been teaching his concept for self-protection and proving that it works over seas for the last 3 years and has now in 2018 begun teaching his system of self-defense.

The system is a step by step approach to dealing with aggression intelligently and with common sense. He teaches techniques and strategies that work for a smaller, weaker, physically challenged person trying to survive against an athlete.

          Always remember on the street it is about survival, not winning.
                         Winning is the by product of your persistence.  

When he opened his first school in 1989 it was just to have good sparring partners and to train for street confrontations that means also anything goes sparring as well and in all of his classes a lot of safe sparring was mandatory with a drive to find the ultimate form of self-defense with an understanding that as you age your game must change, due to age, injuries and a change in your physical attribute development.

As an instructor and a coach he has been teaching that an effective form of self-defense is an individual thing, not all strategies and techniques are for everyone, but the fundamentals are.

The most important thing in combat is strategy and an understanding of the techniques you are using to accomplish your objective and that is to win an event or survive on the street.

So, over the years he has developed a system based on positions, strategies and concepts that will give an individual the safest and most advantageous positions in a confrontation. This system can be proven under a resisting opponent and can work for anyone, since it is not totally based on physical attributes.

He still believes that a healthy and physically fit body should be the goal for anyone as the superior athlete has all the advantages and will have a better overall quality of life in the long run, but unless you pick the fight usually your attacker will be bigger and stronger than you and without The B.S.R. System's approach may the better athlete win.

The Browne Street Ready Program

( The B.S.R. Program )

This is what he has developed over his many years of training to help a smaller, weaker person survive against a bigger, stronger, aggressive opponent.

This is a true non attribute system that can be tested with resistance and work for anyone. This program is taught as the street self-defense application for Funkional Martial Arts.

Philly Thai Catch Jitsu

                                 This is what I call what I do because of my
                                      physical limitations and personality.

A style that blends the Philly shell from Boxing with the long guard from Muay Thai and a street practical Submission Grappling approach on top I am more of a catch wrestler and on bottom I am more BJJ orientated with an emphasis on escapes and sweeps.  I train to be efficient, effective and intelligent and not just to be able to physically escape or submit my opponents.  My style is to be confusing, elusive and then overwhelming when you attack with just a touch of outside the box thinking to make offense and defense easier for a non-athletic person competing against a bigger, stronger superior athlete. 

                           Again this is my style of fighting for MMA or Grappling.
                                    It works for me and may not be for everyone.
                                            But it is totally non attribute based.