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Welcome to Glenroy Browne's Funkional Martial Arts.

A True Non Attribute System that is Performance Based, which means that a smaller, weaker person must be able to hold his or her own against a bigger, stronger opponent.

And this fact will be proven under the pressure
of a fully resisting opponent.

Funkional Martial Arts Philosophy

I would prefer to know my limitations, rather than having a false sense of invincibility

What that means is that I would like to know that I can beat a 250lb fighter 

Than get into a confrontation with one and then find out I can't.

If you are interested in what works, then you can not accept something without proof.

If you do accept something without proof, then you are no longer looking

for something that works. but fooling yourself with a delusion.

The ability to perform under pressure and adapt to your opponents strategy should

be your ultimate goal when training for the reality of combat and that will be

based on your ability to stay calm in a chaotic situation.

Train for the Street, adjust for Sports and have fun Learning the Arts.

This is the most important Training Philosophy

That you should live and train by.

Funkional Martial Arts draws Techniques, Strategies
and Drills from these systems.


Dutch Style Muay Thai


Submission Grappling

What is Glenroy Browne's
Funkional Martial Arts

• A Submission Based System that makes safety and defense its utmost priority. The system is based on Positions that work and keeps safe the less athletic person in a confrontation and the system has Rules that makes the positions efficient and effective until an opportunity to escape or finish your opponent arises.

• A System that uses strikes intelligently and most times as a counter or as a distraction tool and has a preference to low line kicks.  This System’s main goal is to get to the clinch and to apply “The Controller” or a finishing move or sequence of moves to secure the upper hand in a conflict.

• The System’s strategy is never to go in looking for the takedown, the takedown is a by-product of our opponent’s counter because a smaller, weaker, less athletic person will never easily takedown the superior athlete who can fight.

            But most important it is a system built around you as an individual.
                              We do not adjust or change you to fit the system
                                                We adjust the system to fit you.

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